LCS – Team Solo Mid’s Doublelift Gave His Insight Following Close Win Against Golden Guardians

LCS – Team Solo Mid’s Doublelift Gave His Insight Following Close Win Against Golden Guardians
Credit: Photo via Riot Games

Last week, TSM got swept by Golden Guardians in the first round of the 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs. The popular League of Legends team rebounded this weekend, however, with a 3-0 win over Team Dignitas.

Veteran AD carry Doublelift spoke with Travis Gafford after his series against Dignitas and he said he had one of the worst performances of his career against Golden Guardians.

“No, I definitely didn’t tilt,” Doublelift said when asked about last week’s play. “I think I kept a pretty level head the whole time. I think I just played one of the worst games of my life. And at the same time, like there was just a lot of things going wrong.”

Doublelift also said he and Treatz don’t seem to be on the same page yet in terms of playstyle. The 27-year-old is used to playing a lot more aggressively, while his support hasn’t really played with someone as aggro as him. As a result, Treatz plays farther back and the duo plays more scared than they probably should.

Doublelift thinks the team has played well in scrims. But he said the added pressure of the playoffs is hurting them at the moment and that they aren’t doing the same things they would in scrims because of this “nervous energy.”

Doublelift hasn’t had a postseason to remember thus far. He has some of the worst early-game stats of any player in the playoffs, which isn’t something League fans are used to seeing from the usually lane-dominant marksman.

He still needs to adjust to playing alongside Treatz, who joined the starting roster in the middle of the season. If this team can find their confidence, they might be able to make a run for the LCS trophy. Until then, TSM fans should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Gafford asked Doublelift if he was still interested in participating in scrims against C9 and the veteran responded by questioning why anyone wouldn’t want to.

“Yeah, I think everyone would want to scrim C9,” Doublelift said. “What is like the downside? I don’t really understand.” “We just aren’t, I don’t know why,” Zven said. “They just tell us they don’t want to scrim us anymore. I was just told that we won’t scrim TSM or Fly anymore and I was like oh that sucks because Fly was a good scrimming partner and TSM was a good one too.”