Four Years After Its Release Techland Still Continues To Add DLC For First Dying Light Instalment

Four Years After Its Release Techland Still Continues To Add DLC For First Dying Light Instalment
Credit: dyinglightgame

With Dying Light II underway, Techland still finds time to add DLC to the first game installment. The game, Dying Light I, was launched three years ago but continues to attract a gathering even when the next episode is already in development. This just clearly shows the impact of the game and how the zombie parkour theme only becomes more and more popular over the years.

Techland’s Lead Designer, Tymon Smektala says in a recent interview that word of mouth was one of the most significant factors for the game’s success. He also mentioned that all the downloadable content (DLC), either free or not, became the leading source of interest amongst the game’s followers.

Though no clear statistics have been produced about the game’s sales this year, the main thing is Dying Light I is outdoing the previous years after its launch. And this is despite the second installment almost in its last development phases. Dying Light II is set for release in Spring next year.

Smektala also stressed the reason why Techland continues to create additional content for the original title. He says Techland still supports the game because they believe its avid gaming community will be the vehicle to get the word out for the next game installment. Additionally, creating new DLC for Dying Light I lets the gaming team experiment with various features.

In so far as development for the sequel is concerned, mimicking ideas for the next game installment and putting them in the previously released game lets the dev team see how it would work. They learn what attracts players and what content is unpleasant.

Smektala though was not specific about what that additional DLC might be. And stemming from a game which has received a total of 10 DLC in just a short span of 12 months, the possibilities are extensive. A small team is responsible for creating additional content for Dying Light I.

Dying Light has an open-world concept and is a first-person survival strategy game. Though it has a zombie apocalypse horror genre, it fuses several interesting elements including parkour mechanics, weapon crafting and carefully thought multiplayer mode.

The initial release has far extended its gameplay hours with the full version lasting for a total of fifty hours including all the DLC. Techland is set to release the new chapter to the Dying Light installment in Spring 2020.