Fortnite Battle Royale Game Developer Epic Games Issues Warning To iOS Users Prior To The Unveiling Of Season 10

Fortnite Battle Royale Game Developer Epic Games Issues Warning To iOS Users Prior To The Unveiling Of Season 10
Credit: Cult of Mac

As Fortnite fans are waiting for the next chapter of the Battle Royale game, the American videogame developer issued a warning to iOS users regarding the new Season 10 hardware requirements. In a tweet, the company advised players using iPhone or iPads to stay away from the iOS 13 beta for seamless gaming.

“We’re aware of stability concerns on the iOS 13 beta for Fortnite Mobile. We recommend that players do not use the iOS 13 beta at this time.” read the tweet posted on July 12.

Apple released the iOS 13 on June 24, and since, there have been numerous reports from Fortnite Mobile players regarding frequent crashes and performance-related concerns. The game crashed or refused to launch totally. Six days later, the company again issued a statement regarding bugs that were prevalent on iOS after updating to the v9.40.1 patch, the latest and probably the last for Season 9.

It is highly unlikely that Epic Games will fix the issue as the beta version is short term. But be sure of a complete fix come September when the official iOS 13 is released. For those who had already upgraded to iOS 13 beta and are experiencing these bugs, there is no other option apart from downgrading to the current iOS 12. With the current version, you shouldn’t experience any glitches.

It is not only iOS users who have been warned about hardware requirements for Fortnite Season 10. Last month, Epic Games announced that some PC users might have to upgrade their graphics cards or the computer. To play, Fortnite Season 10, you will need a system with DirectX-11 graphics. Well, this isn’t a new requirement but an enforcement of the recommended system requirements for Fortnite Season 9.

Fortnite’s Final Showdown live event went down in remarkable fashion and featured an epic kaiju showdown. With Season 9 coming to an end, all eyes are now set on Season 10. But of course, the inaugural Fortnite World Cup is taking place this weekend so brace up for some adrenaline-packed action. In the latest news, the company has released more tickets for the previously sold-out event to be held in New York.

The Season 10 of the Battle Royale will begin on August 1 and requires a new Battle Pass that costs around 950 V-Bucks. So far, Epic Games has kept fans in the dark on what the new season will be bringing. But with less than a fortnight to go, much should be shared in the coming week, probably in a gameplay trailer.