Fornite Marshmello Event News: Details Of The In-Game EDM Leaked; Concert Happening This Saturday

Fornite Marshmello Event News: Details Of The In-Game EDM Leaked; Concert Happening This Saturday
Credit: Marshmello via YouTube

The much-awaited and widely talked about Fortnite Marshmello Event is finally coming this Saturday, February 2, according to the latest leaked news. What could be the details worthy of the hype?

Along with the information that it is already happening, this weekend is some details that could stir the curiosity among the game’s fans.

Among the exciting updates that have been gathered so far are the following:


The Fortnite Marshmello Event is anticipated to happen at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Its running time is not yet known, though, according to Forbes. What is important now is the date, which has been kept unknown until this new leak came out.


The weekend party is said to be happening at Pleasant Park. The set-up, which includes a stage, along with some lights and speakers, can be found at the football field. This only means that the area will be transformed and would exude the usual party vibe.


While everyone is merrymaking, deaths still seem inevitable. With the respawns being enabled, players can be expected to kill one another even at a venue that is supposed to be filled with happy things only.

Dancing DJ

Some animations showing a dancing disc jockey also leaked. Could this mean that the Fortnite Marshmello Event will be showing the character doing his thing as a DJ on stage? The latest report surmised that such animations could be a hint to how Marshmello would be acting on stage.


To unlock the mentioned Marshmello items under its designated cosmetic bundle, Express UK reported that the players need to complete the challenges in the Fortnite Marshmello Event. In short, one can only enjoy all of these if he or she will be strong enough to battle the opponents and win the challenges.

Among the challenges that they have to overcome are the following:

  • Staged challenge. This is about dancing on top of an object
  • Truckstop. Whenever the players would see a truck stop sign, they should dance
  • Hurrr Burger Restaurant. In the new food junction, the players have to dance on top of it
  • Concert stage. Since a party would never be a real party without dancing, players are expected to dance on the concert stage as well
  • Showtime poster. There will be a search for the said poster
  • Showtime venue. Once the players get hold of the Fortnite Marshmello Event Showtime poster, the venue can be visited already.

Cosmetic Bundle

Together with the conduct of the event is reportedly the cosmetic bundle. Part of this would be the Marshmello skin, spray, and pickaxe. However, there has been no leaked information yet about the price of this bundle.