Pokemon GO: Game Gets Gender-Based Evolution And New Legendary In Raid Battles

Pokemon GO: Game Gets Gender-Based Evolution And New Legendary In Raid Battles
Credit: pokemon.com

Pokemon GO fans, rejoice! The latest news from the people behind this widely popular game involved some updates that they should look forward to.

Part of the list is the introduction of the gender-based evolution, something that has stirred the curiosity of many players. The other is the inclusion of a new legendary Pokemon in the Raid Battle.

According to Game Rant, the game community has stumbled upon a potential hint of what is in store for the loyal followers of Niantic and The Pokemon Company’s game.

Based on what Twitter user @Chrales posted, a code is said to be revealing several Pokemon GO interesting facts. The said account tried to look into each APK and datamine closely. Upon checking, it was surmised that such code belongs to patch 0.133.0.

The update is said to include the following:

New Sounds

Accordingly, three new sounds for the players’ moves are on their way to make the gameplay even more exciting, especially for those who are conscious of what they hear while playing.

There will be a total of three new sounds: Muddy Water, Blaze Kick, and Razor Shell.

New Badge

A new badge referred to as “photobomb” is on its way to the Pokemon GO world. There are no details, though, on what this badge is all about.

New Forms

A total of 12 forms which are attributed to the Spindas will be part of the “leaked” update. This particular is seen as a new interesting update for the “hardcore” players who are into collecting each Spinda they chance upon.

Gender-Based Evolution

Among these rumored updates, it appears that the new mechanics on gender-based evolution is the one that caught the attention of many Pokemon GO fans.

In a report, Comic Book noted that this anticipated patch inclusion is “helpful,” since the evolution of some Pokemon in the future would be gender-based. Furthermore, the report expressed optimism that the past problem related to this concern could finally be resolved.

In the meantime, an in-game notification revealed that the Raid Battles would have a new legendary Pokemon until February 28 at 1:00 p.m. PST. The water dragon-type legendary arrived in Pokemon GO on Tuesday, January 29.

Polygon shared that Palkia, which is from Pokemon Pearl and a character from the Sinnoh region, has yet to be accompanied by Dialga. The latter is the former’s counterpart in another Pokemon series, Diamond.

In the coming days, more Pokemon GO news and updates are expected to leak and make their way to the headlines!