Evolve Stage 2’s Servers Were Shut Down Four Years Ago, But They Have Mysteriously Started Up Again

Evolve Stage 2’s Servers Were Shut Down Four Years Ago, But They Have Mysteriously Started Up Again

The Evolve Stage 2 servers unexpectedly sprung to life a few days ago. Of course, not entirely; the in-game store and ranked matchmaking aren’t functional—but you can browse and start games, and there are already over a thousand players online.

Evolve Stage 2 returned unexpectedly, and 2K Games made no mention of it. The game is currently unavailable on the Steam store, while it can still be accessed through a direct URL.

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It is hidden from searches, though, to prevent accidental discovery and play-throughs. But the true puzzle is that, according to 2K, nothing actually changed.

So what exactly is happening here? No one seems to be aware. Some people on the Evolve discord speculate, perhaps not quite literally, that a disgruntled 2K programmer pulled a con and secretly flicked a switch somewhere in the server room.

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After verifying that Evolve Stage 2 is definitely functional, the possibility that the servers were in operation there continuously, but nobody realized it until later, is still up for debate.

The Evolve community is dedicated to maximizing the opportunity regardless of what transpires.

For years and years, the max number of concurrent players in Evolve Stage 2 has grown to 1,213 in the past 24 hours. Apparently, long-suffering followers were competing with robots in training mode all this time. Also, 1,074 people are currently playing.

The Evolve Discord community wants to take advantage of whatever is happening. The organization claimed in a statement published later this week that now is the greatest moment to try and capitalize on our hope of having Evolve put back onto the Steam store in light of recent events.

Your complaints concerning Legacy Evolve’s downed peer-to-peer feature were taken into consideration, and Stage 2 was even restored back online. They must have spotted all of this by this point, whether on intent or by some accidental accident.