Diablo Immortal. What Gamers Need To Know: Game Play and Story. New Development Trailer Released.

Diablo Immortal. What Gamers Need To Know: Game Play and Story. New Development Trailer Released.
Credit: Diablo via YouTube

There were many exclusive announcements from Blizzard during the first day of Blizzcon. The new expansion for World of Warcraft, called Shadowlands, Overwatch 2 is coming out, and even Diablo 4.

One game update that has fallen off most people’s radar is Diablo Immortal. The mobile game was announced at last year’s Blizzcon and was mostly met with disappointment as fans were hoping for Diablo 4 news.

Since Blizzcon 2018, Immortal had seemingly been put on the back burner; however, new information has been released today about the gameplay and story.

Here is the Diablo Immortal development update video posted for Blizzcon.

What were the big announcements?

The gameplay of Diablo Immortal will have an MMO structure to it, including shared zones, four-player instanced dungeons, and the formation of player Guilds. Gamers can also play in solo mode.

New Game Mechanic: Ultimate Abilities
As players use their regular attacks, their Ultimate Ability gauge will charge. Once the indicator has filled all the way, players can then amplify their regular attack, ripping through their enemies with blade or magic.

New Zones were announced including, Wortham, Dark Wood, Tamaoe Mountain, and Ashwold Cemetary.

World Event:
A new world event was announced called the Haunted Carriage

Class Introduction:
Players can try out a Demon Hunter during this year’s Blizzcon.

Legendary Items:
Legendary items were a big focus of the developmental update trailer Blizzard released. The items included Flamespite, Winters Remorse,
Inna’s Palm, and Storm Bringer.

What is the premise of the mobile game?
Diablo Immortal’s plot timeline will take place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The Sanctuary is still recovering from Baal’s invasion and the obliteration of Mount Arreat. However, evil forces swoop in, wanting to seize the remains of the Worldstone.
Players will align themselves with the remaining mages of the Horadrim as they work together to defend the Sanctuary and Worldstone from sinister enemies.

What are the playable classes?
Six classes have been announced, including Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Necromancer, and Monk.

Diablo Immortal has taken a back seat during this year’s Blizzcon. Let’s face it; there were more significant announcements that Blizzard wanted to focus on. And after last year’s abysmal reaction to Diablo Immortal at Blizzcon 2018, they weren’t chomping at the bit to get Immortal into the limelight during the convention.

There isn’t a release date yet for Diablo Immortal. Players can keep up to date and get more information about Diablo Immortal from the official website, diabloimmortal.com.