CS:GO – OG Throws Shade Towards MIBR For Stream Sniping Before Their Match Today

CS:GO – OG Throws Shade Towards MIBR For Stream Sniping Before Their Match Today
Credit: MIBR via YouTube

MIBR was recently fined by Flashpoint for watching the Flashpoint stream during a match against OG; an antic that MIBR has been seen doing repeatedly in the past on streams to glean information regarding opposing teams defaults and economy which results in gaining an unfair advantage within competitions that ESIC has stated plainly to be cheating.

Flashpoint is the first to finally punish MIBR, forcing a $10,000 fine from their winnings of the current tournament, Flashpoint 2, after they were seen stream sniping on Flashpoint versus OG.

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Today is their rematch, and MIBR could actually play without attempting to gain an unfair advantage via cheating.

OG is still a bit hot under the collar about the event, however, and took note of the users within the Flashpoint stream two hours before the match began that listed the majority of players from MIBR tuned into the stream.

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The tweet was met with far less spice than was expected, as MIBR fans are quick to stoke fires on social media and impressively slow to put them out when they begin hurting themselves in the process, although it could be that there simply wasn’t much visibility prior to the match.

The match between OG and MIBR is already underway with the winner heading to the consolidation final and the loser being dropped from the tournament with a $50,000 consolation prize of the $1,000,000 total prize pool.

The events are a capstone to ESIC recent belated (and weak) ruling regarding stream sniping within the title that, more propose, has become rampant during the online era of Counter-Strike brought to you by a world-wide pandemic where the statement amounted to little more than ‘don’t do that’.

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The Flashpoint ruling, where MIBR was fined $10,000 for stream sniping, was readily met with requests to remove the Brazilian organization from the tournament entirely on the grounds of competitive integrity being rendered moot by prior actions. This being said, the rematch of OG versus MIBR has been an absolute blast as both teams move into the third and final map in the best of three format.

For both teams, a bit of reputation is at risk along with further stream sniping implications: if OG wins, they can readily state that MIBR stream sniping was a deciding factor and call for harsher punishment.

Conversely, if MIBR takes home a win today, they can stay in the tournament and make a point about the stream being on not offering as clear-cut of a problem as many critics of the antics have stated recently.