CS:GO – MIBR Fined $10K From Winnings For Stream Sniping During Flashpoint Match

CS:GO – MIBR Fined $10K From Winnings For Stream Sniping During Flashpoint Match
Credit: Valve via YouTube

Be still our beating hearts, someone is actually fining a team for clearly watching a stream during a match that they were playing in, offering the team historical information on the enemy team regarding defaults, economy, and strategies.

Flashpoint is apparently not willing to deal with as many shenanigans as other tournament organizers, like ESL, are.

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In a recent statement on stream that was presented by none other than Christopher ‘MonteCristo‘ Mykles, Flashpoint takes note that MIBR readily had the Flashpoint stream on s television within viewing distance of the MIBR roster that they would seem to readily refer to during matches.

This is the reference to stream sniping during official matches that ESIC has opted to take a soft approach with, stating that there is a ‘zero tolerance’ for this behavior moving forward in spite of multiple teams (with MIBR being a consistent issue) being shown on streams to be watching and referring to the stream during matches.

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Flashpoint is the first organization in recent times to actually punish teams for doing this; ironically the team that has been accusing every other team in the scene as cheating is one of the teams that has been caught in every recent scandal that has recently come to a conclusion.

MIBR has stated that they simply forgot to turn off the television when the match began: the same television that everyone was consistently watching throughout the match was apparently ‘accidental’.

Multiple fans are requesting that Flashpoint simply kick the team as they took a win in the series against OG on December 1, the match in question; instead, Flashpoint seems content to levy a $10,000 fine against their winnings which will instead be donated to the Brazilian charity that Flashpoint selects at the end of the currently ongoing tournament.

Hopefully, this will be enough to encourage MIBR to stop the antics that have been seen more than a few times this year alone; they are scheduled for a rematch against OG on December 5 for the lower bracket final (LBF) for Flashpoint 2, which should offer both teams a chance at redemption although for drastically different circumstances.

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This would be easier to navigate if ESIC came out with a hard and fast ruling regarding stream sniping that is caught on broadcasts, yet Flashpoint handled it deftly considering the…personalities in play and the penchant for escalation.

It appears even after dropping what many considered to be a heft of the core of MIBR, the scandals will simply continue to follow the team.