CS:GO – FaZe Clans Marcela ‘Coldzera’ David Announces He’s Infected With COVID

CS:GO – FaZe Clans Marcela ‘Coldzera’ David Announces He’s Infected With COVID
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

Roughly a week ago, the former MIBR player was posting pictures to his Instagram page showing him hanging out with the guys for a night out on the town, celebrating his birthday with Vito ‘kNgV-‘ Giuseppe and the crew.

Last night, the rifler for FaZe Clan announced on Instagram that COVID had ‘gotten him’.

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Currently, theories abound that it may have something to do with cavorting about town for a birthday during a pandemic, surrounded by people that also aren’t wearing masks, but that’s inconclusive.

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This bodes poorly for more than FaZe Clan; it could definitely dampen MIBR’s recent surge back upwards after the roster shake-up splitting ways with some players once considered to be the core of MIBR. Everything could very well fall apart, rather quickly; if Marcela became infected during the Stag party, than it’s not out of the realm of possibility to consider that those with him (kNgV-, zews, Lucas, and Hen1.

In total, this could bring down three teams: FaZe, MIBR, and FURIA.

It’s safe to presume, at the least, that everyone in the photo is more than young enough to survive the pandemic, yet long term effects of COVID-19 have been wild and unique; some describe a permanent brain-fog that make competitive play simply impossible as the reflexes are slowed down.

Others state that they simply lose a large portion of taste and smell.

Some have even reported a version of PTSD that stems from struggling to breathe and feeling like they’re beginning to die, only to never die; apparently, that messes with the psyche a little bit.

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Some have begun laying the blame for the increase of COVID infections within esports at the feet of the organizations themselves, not properly explaining and warning young players of the risks that come with the virus that could simply remove them from competitive viability; others state that while they are young adults, the term ‘adult’ is still very much a part of the phrase.

As such, it’s on the players to ensure that they can maintain a competitive form.

There was clearly a breakdown of communication between the top health officials and the young players celebrating a birthday, although the idea that they at least weren’t attempting to protest the virus could be it’s own reward.

The long-term consequences of this are yet unknown; MIBR and FURIA both have announced nothing regarding the testing of players that were seen in the Instagram photo as of yet.