Critical Role Announces New Tabletop Gaming Company, Darrington Press!

Critical Role Announces New Tabletop Gaming Company, Darrington Press!
Credit: Critical Role via YouTube

2020 has been a year for the books, but as much terrible stuff as there’s been, it’s important to turn your gaze towards the good every once in a while. Though there’s been constant delays and pushbacks, there’s also been some new releases and news in the gaming world that helps make things just a bit better!

Critical Role knows this most of all, it seems. Their year has been filled with new developments and releases, from an animated series being in the works to the launch of their non-profit charity organization not long ago, the Critical Role Foundation.

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But the Tabletop Titans aren’t taking a break just yet – they’re moving forward with all the initiative they can muster. Today, they announced their newest organization, the Darrington Press!

Named for Taryon Darrington, a character played by Sam Riegel in the first Critical Role campaign, the Darrington Press is a tabletop publishing company. Set on publishing tabletop gaming and board games in general, they already have quite a bit on the way.

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“Like so many of you, storytelling and gaming have transformed our lives in the best and most astonishing ways over the years,” The team states in their opening announcement.

“Since we started our own company, one of our biggest aspirations has been to deeply invest in storytelling and gaming with an even more substantial and powerful purpose.”

So what makes up this team? The group is headed not by a member of the cast that people have long-associated with Critical Role, but one of their close friends and veteran of the industry, Ivan Van Norman. Van Norman is known for his work as co-owner of Hunters Entertainment, as well as working with Wizards of the Coast and Hersch Games.

Beside him comes a face that everyone in Tabletop gaming has come to recognize, Matthew Mercer. While Van Norman will be taking the lead chair, Mercer will be beside them as the creative advisor, with many games being based in the world of Exandria that he has created.

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And they aren’t just stopping at an announcement of creation! The Darrington Press already has illustrious plans to bring to the tabletop community, with four games slated for release in 2021 – one for each quarter.

In closing, the group thanks the fans and community for their support, reminding them once again that it couldn’t be done without them. The team intends to bring as much transparency and information to the releases as possible, so keep an eye out to see what Critical Role has planned next.