Control Is Heading To Steam On August 27, Featuring Both Expansions

Control Is Heading To Steam On August 27, Featuring Both Expansions
Credit: IGN via YouTube

A standout game from 2019 was Remedy‘s Control. It’s an action-adventure game that features surreal visuals, paranormal enemies, and compelling storylines. The game went on to receive a bunch of awards for its visuals and artistic direction.

Those that have wanted to check it out on PC have had to stick to the Epic Games Store as it has been an exclusive. That’s all set to change August 27. On this day, Control will be available to purchase on Steam as well.

That’s probably music to a lot of PC players’ ears because this is a preferred platform for many because of its user-friendly design and in-depth support. Control showing up on Steam also is great because it means more gamers will want to check out its unique and memorable action.

If you haven’t got to play it, the story revolves around a young woman named Jesse Faden. She’s been summoned by the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control). It’s an agency tasked with controlling and monitoring paranormal events.

Faden is given the role of Director, which comes with a lot of responsibilities and ominous challenges. As Faden, players will explore the multiple layers of The Oldest House. It’s honestly one of the best settings in a video game in recent memory.

What starts out simple and uniform quickly turns into a maze of endless rooms and passages. Just as you think you’ve seen it all, missions take you to new sections that seem never-ending. It’s fun to take the environments all in as you go to battle with the Hiss, even paranormal entities that want nothing more than to cause destruction.

In addition to the amazing story and visuals, the gameplay in Control is spectacular. The shooting mechanics are in-depth and require a lot of skill. Players will use a range of telekinetic powers and the trusty service weapon.

The further players progress, the more ways they can change the service weapon. For example, it can be manipulated to act as a shotgun or a high-caliber machine gun. The options are limitless.

The Steam edition of Control also will include both expansions: The Foundation and Awe. They give players new storylines to enjoy and areas to explore.

There have been a lot of solid games to come out over the years, but very few hold up to the uniqueness of Control. It just has so many amazing aspects that are worth appreciating.