Call Of Duty’s Black Ops Cold War Season One, Comes With A New Robust Warzone Map And Additional Weapons

Call Of Duty’s Black Ops Cold War Season One, Comes With A New Robust Warzone Map And Additional Weapons
Credit: Treyarch

The very first season made for Black Ops Cold War is packed with new content for both the game and for Warzone.

After days of silence, Activision finally revealed details concerning the COD game, precisely, Season One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. We can say this is the long-awaited post-launch content release scheduled for Treyarch’s game.

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Besides, it’s the first time Black Ops Cold War will officially and fully blend with Warzone.

By the time the season launches at 11 pm PT, 7 am for UK (Wednesday), 2 am ET on Tuesday, December 15, players will have the ability to earn several unlocks (including Battle Pass) and progression across both games. The weapons and operators will be used in Black Ops Cold War, will also work in Warzone.

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Check out the season one trailer below:

Season One will introduce a new map coined Rebirth Island. This sizeable map is comparable to the magnitude of Black Ops 4’s Alcatraz. The Mini BR map has support for Trios and also Quads, but with much lower player hits, unlike Verdansk.

One thing to look out for is that Rebirth comes with its Gulag, and Verdansk will get a new Gulag that substitutes prison showers.

Also, next week, Rebirth will host a traditional battle royale mode, as well as Resurgence, a new concept that allows every player character’s respawning every 30 seconds.

Another update coming to Warzone is getting an attack helicopter sometime this season, with two shotguns on both sides controlled by players. Also, the new attack helicopter will be available in Verdansk as well as Rebirth.

Season one also brings about a Battle Pass with two free weapons, which are usable across both games.

Check out the Season One Battle Pass trailer below:

Regular Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer
More content was released for Season One. Multiplayer fans get a remake of Raid, the Pines, a new map, and holiday themed Nuketown. Players should expect Gunfight this season with four maps in total. Further, in the season, Fireteam will get the third map in Sanatorium.

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There will be a new scorestreak added in HARP, specifically a UAV that uncovers enemies’ direction and location. You can raft along with those maps that are big enough.

Also, you can expect to see new multiplayer modes.

Other Updates
Prop Hunt takes off in this season while Dropkick joins later on. Also, Zombie-mode will be getting two new modes this season as Jingle Hells and Cranked.

If you would like to know more, you can check Call of Duty’s official blog.