Call Of Duty League Has Explained The New Points System And Tournament Structure

Call Of Duty League Has Explained The New Points System And Tournament Structure
Credit: Call of Duty League via YouTube

A few weeks ago, Call of Duty League notified the community that they were making changes to the format of its inaugural season. Players were unhappy with the match schedule, and specific esports organizations participating in the league were dealing with strains of having to host multiple competitions for different game leagues.

To help alleviate teams’ and players’ concerns, the league is adding a tournament structure gameplay for each week of the season, starting Week 2. They are also incorporating a points system right off the bat.

Call of Duty League has finally given the full details on how the new format will work.

The first season of Call of Duty League is set to get underway on January 24th, with the Minnesota Røkkr taking the lead as hosts of the event. The CDL Points System will begin during this event and will be a part of the entire regular season.

Every time a team wins a match during the regular season, they earn 10 CDL Points, and the league standings will be determined by the amount of points the teams have.

The Opening Weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will feature all 12 teams facing off in matches and earning CDL Points. The three-day event will see each team play two matches.

Starting Week 2, the Home Series Weekend in London, the tournament structure will be incorporated into the league. Eight teams will participate in these events and compete in a tournament bracket.

The eight teams will be broken up into two groups of four, with the first-round matches being chosen by the League Office before the event commences.

The two groups will battle within their bracket, and the teams that win two matches will advance to a single-elimination bracket to determine the Home Series Weekend winner. As mentioned earlier, each time a team wins a match, they earn 10 CDL Points.

Call of Duty League has broken down the number of points teams will earn via their placement:

First Place – 50 CDL Points
Second Place – 30 CDL Points
Third and Fourth Place – 20 CDL Points
Fifth and Sixth Place – 10 CDL Points
Seventh and Eighth Place – 0 CDL Points

In a blog on the official Call of Duty League website, the league posted: “Tiebreakers will be determined based on the following criteria, as needed.”

1. Teams’ Head-to-Head Match Win Percentage
2. Teams’ Head-to-Head Game Win Percentage
3. Teams’ Overall Game Win Percentage

The top eight teams that have earned the most CDL Points will advance to the playoffs. There will also be four wildcard teams that will face off in a single-elimination bracket, with two teams coming out on top and earning their place in the playoffs.