Reports Have Come Out That Call Of Duty League Will Have Fewer Events in 2020 Than Expected

Reports Have Come Out That Call Of Duty League Will Have Fewer Events in 2020 Than Expected
Credit: Call of Duty League via YouTube

The inaugural season of Call of Duty League hasn’t even started, and that’s probably for the best. There have been continual adjustments to the structure and logistics of the league, and it looks like the most significant change is about to be announced.

Last week, Call of Duty League shared that they are going to change the format of the esports league.

They have promised Call of Duty gamers and fans three things with the league: “more matches, more drama, and more reasons to get excited for 2020.”

The league revealed that they are going to be utilizing a tournament-style format; they will also
be adding a points system starting Week 2 of the season.

That was all that was mentioned in terms of logistics, with more information coming in the next few weeks.

There are now reports coming out that Call of Duty League will have fewer events than previously scheduled.

The official schedule for the first split of the regular season was released a month ago, but it was taken down last week. This is further confirmation that the events that were scheduled are getting an overhaul.

The original plan was to have each team host one event during the first 11 weeks of play. Twelve franchises will be competing in the league, with two teams hailing from Los Angeles.

There was a big issue with this match format, however. Some teams were having to fly to another continent to play just one match. The release of the event and match schedule sparked some fiery tweets from a few professional gamers competing in the league. It looks like Call of Duty League understood the players’ gripes and reacted by shifting the schedule up.

There is now another reason revealed on why Call of Duty League is scaling back events. And that’s due to the strain it’s putting on some of the team franchises. Because of the event system, each home team must host an event, and nine out of the twelve are also committed to hosting Overwatch League events as well.

Because Adam Stern’s source revealed this information, this is the only information the community has to go on right now.

It hasn’t been announced yet which events will be canceled, and which matches will take place with the new tournament format. Call of Duty League is starting on January 24th, so gamers can expect to get some news on the events soon.