Calico Is An Upcoming Game Revolving Around Cat Cafes, Magical Girls, And A Strange World

Calico Is An Upcoming Game Revolving Around Cat Cafes, Magical Girls, And A Strange World
Credit: Peachy Keen Games via Steam XO

Peachy Keen Games has revealed gameplay footage of its upcoming title Calico. In this title, players can run and decorate their cat cafe and pet as many cats as they could ever want. Enjoy a unique world made of cuteness and charm, all set to wonderfully relaxing pastel colors.

This is an indie project that has been under the radar for a while. This title is planning for a release on all major platforms, while still maintaining a relaxing and cuddly appearance for fans.

Enjoy a day to day experience in a community simulation game where you are given the important job of rebuilding the town’s cat cafe. Fill your cafe with colorful and cuddly creatures as well as unique furniture, fun decorations, amazing pastries, and more.

From the colors to the character design, everything in this game is an attempt to make players feel warm and fuzzy. Enjoy a low-stress creative environment with no rush, no mission, and no pressure.

Create your own magical person to experience the world through. As you progress through the game, you can find more clothing to customize your look with, making you stand out in this pastel creation.

All the animals within the world of Calico can be befriended and interacted with. Name your animal friends, send them back to the cafe, or add them to your party so they can follow you wherever you go.

One of the most prominent and exciting features is the ability to pet and play with all the animals. Calico comes loaded with toys, dancing, petting, carrying, pounding, cuddling, and more allowing players to really enjoy the company of their fuzzy friends.

As you decorate your cafe and bring it back to life, you will find that the game provides ample opportunity for decorating and redesigning. Some of the objects for the cafe are for your human visitors, while others are for your animal friends.

Built into the background is a wonderful cafe minigame allowing players to create and display their pastries. You can also create a custom drink menu allowing you to paint designs on the surface of your beverages.

Enjoy the magic of Calico when it fully releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game has a Steam page already live for interested fans to get a good look at this upcoming title. Expect this game to release sometime in the fall of 2020.