BetaDwarf Gives Out New Epic Card To All Minion Masters Player For Free With Upcoming Patch

BetaDwarf Gives Out New Epic Card To All Minion Masters Player For Free With Upcoming Patch
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Free content makes the world go ’round, and BetaDwarf seems to know that better than anyone else. They’re constantly giving out free content for their strategy card game, Minion Master, which is already free to play!

Oftentimes you’ll see them on the Steam store giving out entire expansion sets for free, or promoting an upcoming major patch by handing out some of the rare cards that are coming out. This time, they’re here to give out a card that they haven’t even added to the game yet!

The latest major content patch for Minion Masters brought the Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion to light. This set has a massive focus on Zen-Chi and Empyrean cards, with both factions getting a large number of additions.

Of these additions, the latest to be added is the Supreme-quality Empyrean card, Zealots of the Burning Fist. This formidable pair of heroines bring the fire and ferocity of faith in their cause to the battle, taking down countless enemies as they clear a swathe for the Empyrean troops behind them.

The Zealots of the Burning Fist are veterans of the Order of the Burning Fist and are fiercely loyal to their commander, High Inquisitor Ardera. This fierce loyalty leaves them perfectly willing to deal damage to themselves as they attack, compensating with taking enemies down quickly. Each is much more effective than the standard Warrior that they share a model with, dealing 30 more damage with a bit more health, but pay for that by losing 10% of their health with every swing of their mighty blazing swords.

Best of all, two Zealots will be summoned with the card. Though they work in pairs, their true effectiveness comes when they’re alone. If one of them falls in battle, the other gains the Rage and Haste buffs, giving them the ability to deal some incredible damage before they’re taken down. If you pair them with a healer or launch some healing spells their way, a lone Zealot of the Burning Fist is capable of completely turning the tide of a battle.

In terms of stats, the Zealots are a 7-cost melee unit with a slow attack speed, 400 health, and 100 damage. They share a model with the Warrior, which is also getting a (much needed) model update!

Sign into the game between March 26th and the 2nd of April to claim your free copy of the Zealots of the Burning Blade and take Zen-Chi for the Order of the Burning Fist!