Battlefield V Releases Update 5.2 Which Fixes Console-Specific Issues, As War Is Taken To Wake Island Next Week

Battlefield V Releases Update 5.2 Which Fixes Console-Specific Issues, As War Is Taken To Wake Island Next Week
Credit: Battlefield via YouTube

Alas, patch 5.2 of Battlefield V is here. As one of the series most iconic and admired maps have been upgraded and included in Battlefield V in a recent update set to launch next week, precisely on the 12th of December. If everyone can remember, the lofty chaos Of Wake Island first debuted back in 2002’s Battlefield 1942, which made the foundation for the multiplayer dynamic that since set the standards for the entire Battlefield series.

Thanks to EA dice, who pioneered the publishing of a new trailer that shows an overview of the recent changes made in Battlefield V, depicting how it’s a larger size and a greater array of vehicles makes it the ultimate version.

The inclusion of Wake Island is part of the proceedings for Battlefield V, which is in its fifth chapter at the moment. On that note, shortly, the patch notes for this 5.2 update would be written in full. However, those interested in seeing the full patch notes can visit EA’s official website.

Upon the launch of these updates, Part Welsh, Battlefield Community Manager, left a greeting message to everyone on their official website. The message said the following, ‘our next update to Battlefield V delivers, even more, fixes, improvements and changes as our War in the Pacific continue—but this time arriving on Wake Island later this month.’

Then he went on to thank the team at EA for making this possible, ‘on behalf of the teams at EA Dice, we want to thank everyone for their support across 2019 and the feedback you shared with us. We’re sincerely grateful for your support and also look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield in the New Year.’

Patch Notes for PC
• Resolved the bug that would typically cause soldiers to have poor lighting and appear to stand in darkness on specific AMD cards using DX12.
• We have now added Underground—RTX reflection on water reflections.
• Added Performance advancements concerning the audio logic.

Patch Notes for PC
• The freeze that would usually happen when pressing the Xbox Home button is now fixed
• The bug that made using the other Soldier Buttons for sliding is now fixed.

Patch Notes for PlayStation 4
• Fixed the bug that would occasionally make the game to crash upon setting to Arabic localization.
So, for those who haven’t picked up Battlefield, it’s currently available for purchase either by buying the physical asset in EA’s vault collection or digital download.