Apex Legends: An In-depth Look At The New LTE–System Override And Accompanying Update 1.31

Apex Legends: An In-depth Look At The New LTE–System Override And Accompanying Update 1.31
Credit: Respawn via Youtube

The newest limited-time event from Respawn is now live, running from March 3-17. With the addition of the new limited-time game mode Deja Loot, Respawn will also include a large update–up to 32 GB for Xbox One–that will bring some new changes to how the game is played.

Among this update are some highly anticipated changes to the backpack system, adding 2 extra slots to backpacks at every level. However with the addition of additional changes to how ammo, grenades, shield and health items are stored, it’s not yet clear how much these changes will actually affect the game. Players can also look forward to the EvoShield, a shield that starts at level one and levels up corresponding to how much damage you do throughout a game, capping out at a new shield that gives an extra 25 damage of protection compared to the gold.

A few of our favorite legends have seen some changes to their kits as well, with the most notable of which going to Bloodhound. This hunter/tracker legend received some well-needed buffs to their recon ability, giving the Eye of the Allfather scan to three times the range it had previously. The duration also increased to 3s from 2s, while increasing the time it takes to activate it slightly. A full list of patch notes can be found on the Apex Legends website.

The System Override event, like many of its predecessors, follows the same 24-cosmetic loot track. Pathfinder, Octane, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Caustic, Crypto, and Mirage all received legendary cyberpunk-themed skins, with Wraith and Bloodhound receiving epic skins. A host of legendary and epic weapon skins, new charms, and new skydiving emotes are also included in the loot track.

Each pack will cost 700 Apex Coins, and if you have the money to purchase all 24 boxes, you’ll also receive the new Octane Heirloom, a butterfly knife that doubles as a Stim–with accompanying fancy tricks to match.

To add to the heirloom hype, new changes are being made to how players can earn heirloom sets for legends that have them. Previously, each heirloom would be added to the loot pool after each event, and players had a very small chance that they would receive an heirloom they didn’t have after opening a pack.

Now, players have a chance to earn what are called “Heirloom Shards” similar to crafting metals, where players can trade in the shards once they’ve earned enough for any existing heirloom sets. Once you’ve purchased all existing heirloom sets, the ability to collect heirloom shards will no longer be available. Currently, the list of legends with heirloom sets can be found on the Heirlooms tab in the Apex Legends menu.