Blizzard Increases Legendary Cloak Cap To Rank 13, Buffing Sanity Loss Reduction

Blizzard Increases Legendary Cloak Cap To Rank 13, Buffing Sanity Loss Reduction
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is starting to die down now that Shadowlands has been announced, with the hype train moving full steam ahead towards the upcoming expansion. Still, there are Old Gods to kill and Horrific Visions to run, so the progress continues.

More than anything, there are legendaries to upgrade! Blizzard has implemented the newest upgrade to the legendary Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve cloak, bringing the item to 494 and providing a few other buffs as well.

To finish their upgrade, players will need to speak with Wrathion per usual and complete the quest he offers. This quest will require four “Torn Page of ‘The Final Truth,” with a page obtained for each Lost Area completed during a Horrific Vision. Needing four means that adventurers will need to complete two runs to finish up the quest. As always, defeating Alleria isn’t required, and you’ll only need to worry about completing the Lost Areas.

At rank 12, the cloak offers 65% Sanity Loss Reduction, with the new upgrade buffing that percent up to 70%. The Corruption Resistance will stay the same, as will much of the rest of the item.

By allowing the cloak to grant greater Sanity Loss Reduction, players will have more time to explore the Horrific Visions, as well as working towards the Mad World meta-achievement. While it may seem a bit underwhelming to see such a seemingly-small buff, the 5% increase actually translates to quite the perk.

Though Battle for Azeroth is winding down, there’s still plenty left for players to take care of. It wasn’t too long ago that World First was claimed on Mythic N’Zoth, and there’s certainly still quite a bit left to do in terms of endgame content. While Shadowlands is rapidly approaching, there isn’t much in the way of pre-expansion content to lead up to it just yet, so Battle for Azeroth’s endgame content is still the majority of what we have to deal with.

It seemed for a while that the release of World of Warcraft: Classic might’ve led to a drop in the player base for retail’s server, but it’s hard to tell given that Blizzard stopped giving out the player count quite some time ago. Either way, both versions of the game seem alive and well, and Battle for Azeroth is far from a low population. If anything, there are likely more people playing than in recent times due to the hype around the upcoming expansion.