Aorus 17: Gigabyte Launches New Flagship Gaming Laptop With 240Hz Refresh Rate

Aorus 17: Gigabyte Launches New Flagship Gaming Laptop With 240Hz Refresh Rate
Credit: AORUS via YouTube

Gigabyte dropped the new flagship Aorus gaming laptop at the 2019 Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

The screen of the 17-inch bezel from the gaming laptop features a 240Hz refresh rate, along with a 3 ms response rate. Those numbers are the highest of any Aorus brand. The monitor is also equipped with the X-Rite Pantone right off the box.

For those who don’t know, the Pantone brand brings color right down to a science. You will get smooth visuals and accurate hues coming from the Aorus 17 screen.

For the keyboard, Aorus, a subsidiary of Gigabyte, teamed up with Omron to create dedicated mechanical switches for the laptop.

While durability is a given, considering the Omron brand, Aorus wanted a totally personal experience for the laptop. As the company said, the laptop features the “best feeling keys” for its users, whether they are typing or playing games.

The keyboards feature an actuation point of 1.6mm for faster reaction times, especially when you need to dodge bullets. A low-profile mechanical switch typically has a 3-4mm key travel distance, depending on the sheath thickness. The Aorus, meanwhile, features 2.5mm key travel distance.

Aorus also calibrated the backlit keys for the Aorus 17, increasing illumination by 27%. The manufacturer manages this by opting for concentric keycaps. This allows the light from behind to shine through evenly. You can also customize the RGB lights through the Fusion 2.0 app.

But what’s under the hood?

The Aorus 17 is powered by 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9980HK processor. The chip promises 10% more power compared to the 8th Gen Core. The clock speed was also optimized to 5.0GHz with eight cores and 16 threads.

As for the graphics, the Aorus 17 features GeForce RTX video card, which boasts of real-time ray tracing technology. The ray tracing technology, paired with X-Rite Pantone, will give you vibrant and realistic colors when you play a game. It has enough juice to glide through the most demanding of games in the market right now. The Aorus 17 also features a built-in ESS Sabre Hi-fi DAC chip that can support the best headphones today.

But all that power will generate white-hot heat. Fortunately, the Aorus 17 comes equipped with a cooling system for Windforce Infinity. The Gigabyte tech features three 100mm stack fans, which promises more heatsink coverage. The alternate spinning technology also gives larger coverage and smoother airflow without the annoying loud noise.