Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught DLC Release Date Delayed But Only For Few Weeks

Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught DLC Release Date Delayed But Only For Few Weeks
Credit: xLetalis via YouTube

The bad news is that the Onslaught expansion for the Star Wars: The Old Republic is delayed. The good news is it’s only going to take about a month.

Fans were really looking forward to the release of the Onslaught DLC in September 2019. However, they will have to wait some more, at least until October of this year.

This was the announcement on the game’s official website in a blog post published on Aug. 26.

At the outset, the developer apologized for the delay. However, upon gathering all players feedback in the public test server, they realized it’s not ready yet. Along with the feedback, they also ran some tests on the technical side and evaluated their internal data.

They already made some changes, although not everything is reflected in the public test server yet. The blog said that it wasn’t an easy decision to push back the Onslaught expansion release date. However, it’s a necessary evil compared to the alternative–releasing a clunky and glitchy content.

Keith Kanneg, the senior producer of the game, said they started evaluating the feedback in June this year.

Some of the changes can be seen in the Spoils of War and Dxun, which is a new operation. Also, some adjustments were introduced in the tactical, rewards, and progression system.

Fans will supposedly like the changes in the Inquisitor and Warrior classes, specifically on tactical items and bonuses. The Bounty Hunter, for instance, will have dramatic changes in gear, amplifiers, and tactical gear.

Kanneg cited one clear example with regards to the gear bonuses. Instead of the previous 6-piece bonus on gear, they cut it down to four. He also promised that they will continue to monitor the feedback to enhance the game even more.

For even better news, EA has decided to reward players for participating in the public test server. Previously, it was announced that a player may win the Nautolan species during launch day. However, the developer decided to spread the love all around.

Those who participated in the public test server between Sept. 1 and Oct. 22 will get the Nautolan.

Although the game is not officially canon, it’s still very popular among fans due to the gameplay and storyline. In the Star Wars universe, it’s when the Sith Empire is at peace with the Galactic Republic.

The new release date for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught expansion is on Oct. 22, 2019.