Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Is A New Parkour Runner In A 3D Environment

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Is A New Parkour Runner In A 3D Environment
Credit: Steam XO

New from Headup games comes Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. This is a stylized 3D running game where players will follow the story of Wally. Enter a futuristic Tokyo-style setting as you run for your life to amazing music. Discover the truth and expose all the lies in your beloved city.

Players can enjoy this new endless running game. The story keeps the motion flowing as you run, jump, slide, and dash past all the obstacles. Avoid challenges and learn awesome combos as you run through the entire title at high speeds. This game is designed for both experienced and casual players with a speed toggle and varying difficuly options.

Enter a Tokyo style Detroid in this unique 3D runner. Follow the story of Wally who has uncovered evidence that could change the entire city forever. This is a game with a driving soundtrack, aggressive story, and features sounds of Detroit artists.

Play as Wally, a kid who is looking to recover items from their past. By collecting these items, he can hope to save the future and expose the truth of this strange world. Outrun your enemies and try to live long enough to see what comes of the world.

This 3D runner is a side-scrolling adventure that plays like an endless runner. Stay constantly in motion as you run, jump, slide, and dash through varying levels. Discover combinations that can help overcome challenges spread amongst the world. This is a great title for fans of Speedruns.

The game’s main soundtrack is designed by Daime-Sama, a Detroit artist with vocals from black artists from around the world. This game mixes Detroit culture into an action-adventure for players of all ages.

For more information be sure to explore Aerial_Knight’s main website. The developer and publisher have worked hard to try and provide fans with a unique adventure that will change players’ minds about running games.

The game was developed by a solo developer who has created practically everything alone. This passion project will drive players forward through the innovative use of classic design tools.

Fans can join the developer on Discord for more information about this title. There players can ask questions, give feedback, and become part of the unique development experience.

Aerial_Knights Never Yield can be found on Steam. This title appears to be a PC exclusive on launch with possible console ports in the future. Fans will just have to wait and see how the title performs when it launches.