A New Installment of Booze-Soaked DLC Is Headed To Outer Worlds, According To Leak

A New Installment of Booze-Soaked DLC Is Headed To Outer Worlds, According To Leak
Credit: Steam

Tyler McVicker is the man behind the Valve News Network, Nintendo News Network, and other projects of a similar nature. Thanks to his position, he’s been privy to some internal industry stuff over the years, and has a decent track record when it comes to leaks about upcoming projects.

His latest gossip regards Obsidian Entertainment‘s 2019 action RPG The Outer Worldsand its latest story DLC. We already know the name of it – Murder on Eridanos – as it was announced way back in July.

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According to McVicker, he knows roughly half of what the content is going to entail, despite supposedly being months away from release. Other than the title announcement, there hasn’t been anything official from the developers.

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Nevertheless, as mentioned above, McVicker has had the inside scoop more than a few times. He goes on to post several pictures, including a loading screen from the new content. It features Rizzo’s Spectrum and can be seen in his tweets.

There are also new area maps, and one seems to show a compound of some sort, complete with hedgemaze. After all, what sort of self-respecting compound owner doesn’t have a hedgemaze on their property?

There’s also a new interior map, and given the focus on booze, it seems safe to guess that it’s going to be a bar of some sort. It certainly looks lavish, almost casino-esque, but there don’t seem to be any visible games.

Then there are asset shots of the aforementioned booze, as well as inventory items, which look just as wacky and colorful as what you would expect from the game.

He goes on to say there are nearly 20 hours of temporary dialogue, recorded using a text to speech program, which suggests a robot of some sort. He also reportedly found the map for the bridge of the Groundbreaker, a section of the ship that’s been inaccessible.

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This would be the second piece of downloadable content released for the game, the first being Peril on Gorgon, released in September 2020. Considering that we have nothing new to go on except for pictures, it’s impossible to say how this batch of DLC will compare to the first.

It’s a shame that we’re only getting two DLC packs for The Outer Worlds, but thankfully the second pack seems to be coming in the not-too-distant future. Based on what little we’ve seen, the game hasn’t lost a bit of its charm, and we should all be very excited.