A Banana-Designed Octopus Villager Was Displayed By An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gamer

A Banana-Designed Octopus Villager Was Displayed By An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gamer

The concept for a villager with a banana theme was created by an Animal Crossing: New Horizons enthusiast. Even though the island has a sizable population of residents, some fans like designing designs for the adorable animals they wish could live there. In addition, even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons features a variety of beloved characters, many players have demonstrated that Nintendo still has new ideas.

Some gamers enjoy coming up with villager concepts based on creatures previously added to the life simulator. Animal Crossing has included a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, birds, and bears. A player-created their own octopus-themed Animal Crossing villager, which has a few interesting differences.

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A resident of their island could be an octopus blended with a banana, according to a Reddit user named drdoy123. The creature has markings on its limbs like ripe bananas and a hump on its head that resembles the fruit’s stem. The octopus, whom drdoy123 gave the name Banana, is dressed in blue and has a sticker on its cheek that mimics the leaf from the Animal Crossing logo. The octopus is a novel take on a creature that has already been done in Animal Crossing, and it is a cute notion.

While drdoy123 imagines villagers based on animals that have already been brought to the life simulator world, others are coming up with ideas for creatures that are not yet featured in the games. A design for a bat villager that might appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons was created by Reddit user ILikeIt Picasso. The bat, called Melony, has a watermelon motif and is dressed in green fur and a red blouse.

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For Melony, ILikeIt, Picasso also provided several pieces of information, such as her favorite color, interests, and personal objectives. Nintendo hasn’t yet used this kind of monster in a game, but the design is cute and an excellent way to introduce it.