8GB Powercolor RX 580 On Sale For Only $169, Buyers Get To Back Two More Free Games

8GB Powercolor RX 580 On Sale For Only $169, Buyers Get To Back Two More Free Games
Credit: powercolor.com

Games and techies who have been waiting for this huge price drop would be more than happy with the news.

PowerColor just slashed the price for their RX580 in 8GG. From the regular price of $200 within the last few months, it’s now sold for only $169. On top of the item, lucky owners get to bag two games all for free! How can it get better than that?

According to tech reviews, PowerColor’s ‘Red Devil’ belongs to the mid-range graphics with a mid-range budget price.

AMD’s Radeon RX 580 in 8G graphics card was priced at $200 within the past few months. Some models belonging in the same line has occasionally dropped in price. Just last month, ASRock 580 was priced at $169.99 when bought via Newegg. This time, PowerColor’s very own Red Devil version will be selling within the same price range as ASRock’s 580. An additional perk would be the two games that buyers can get for free.

The said Red Devil version is equipped with a GDDR5 memory of 8GB, Steam Processors 2304, and 1380MHz boost clock. As of now, there’s no base clock listed. Then again, most cards of RX 580 usually have ~1256MHz base. In terms of display output, the buyers can get a DVI-D dual-link, along with three display ports, and an HDMI.

According to tech experts, RX580 in 8GB size is ideal and performs excellent for gaming in 1080p. It’s a great deal, especially for its new price range. Those who are interested in buying can get it using this link.

Compared to other RX 850 models, the 8GB version is cheaper by $30. Buyers can choose between Resident Evil 2, The Division 2, and Devil May Cry 5 as their two free games.

At checkout, they merely have to enter the EMCSTYTY3 code to enjoy the full discount.

For gamers and fans who want a better gaming experience, this offer from PowerColor is very lucrative. Even the critics and tech fanatics confirmed that the discounted price is already a huge win for the lucky buyers.

Though without comparing to other graphics, $169.99 is still pricey, it’s worthy to invest this in a high-quality product. It would be useless to buy something cheaper but sacrifice on the quality and in the gaming experience.
So, for gamers and tech fanatics, this is a deal that must not be missed.

Good luck and happy shopping!