87 Sensors On Valve’s VR Index Controllers Allow Players To Interact With A Real-Life Environment

87 Sensors On Valve’s VR Index Controllers Allow Players To Interact With A Real-Life Environment
Credit: valvesoftware.com

Valve has announced a lot of details about its Valve Index that can be pre-ordered starting tomorrow, May 1st. The full set of the Index includes the headset, two controllers, and the base stations. Among the parts that are packed with a lot of awesome features is the two controllers.

According to Valve, the Index Controllers has 87 sensors which help users to track their hands and fingers. Eighty-seven is a hefty lot of sensors to come in each controller. The sensors work for any motion, optical, and force. Players can even detect what each finger is doing just like in the real world.

The sensors also allow one to control their hand movements, even pick or drop objects. Throwing objects around or squeezing it can be done easily without having to press a button.

Using the controller’s pad assignment and dynamic sensor, users can use finger tracking. They can also adjust it depending on their hand sizes. The controllers are meant to provide “long-term comfort,” Valve says.

It also comes with an adjustable and comfortable strap. The controllers also have anti-microbial fabric which reduces the chance of getting it smelly during intense actions.

Valve also assured that the finger tracking technology they use will not only heighten the immersive experience. The company said it will also allow players to use gestures to communicate with other players in a co-op mode.

That’s like taking VR games a notch higher in terms of player immersion. Some game fans are actually looking forward to how the controllers can function when players use the sign language.

At present, Valve did not give details about its upcoming VR games. However, Valve assured its followers that their “flagship” game will come out this year. Valve did not yet release any date nor name for the game. But they said that the game will work with Oculus Rift S, Windows VR, HTC Vive Pro, and Valve Index.

Valve will start shipping the pre-ordered equipment by June 28. The whole set, which includes the headset, the controllers, and the base stations, costs $999. There is also a cheaper package which only comes with the Index VR headset and the controllers. This package sells for $749.

But each of these items can be purchased in two package options or by piece. Players who only wish to get the headset will shell out $499 and $149 for the base stations. The two controllers cost $279.