You Can Win $100,000 For Perfectly Predicting The Overwatch 2020 Playoffs Bracket

You Can Win $100,000 For Perfectly Predicting The Overwatch 2020 Playoffs Bracket
Credit: Overwatch League via YouTube

What could you possibly do with $100,000? You could purchase all of the exclusive skins for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, put together a PC rig that will shame the entirety of the enthusiast builder community or a nice down payment for that sweet house you’ve been eyeballing.

It’s actually more of a question as to what you couldn’t do with $100K.

Yet it’s currently well within your reach; you just need a bit of luck and research on your side, as Blizzard announces a massive payout for anyone that can correctly (and perfectly) predict the bracket results of the 2020 Overwatch League playoffs.

If no one guesses it perfectly, then $10,000 is awarded to whoever put together the best one. In the event that more than one person manages to predict the perfect bracket, the $100k is split between the winners. Ten runners up will receive a ‘prize bag’ worth $250 of likely swag from Blizzard.

The best part is that it’s absolutely free to take your shot at, so there’s no harm done in throwing out a bunch of names and numbers until your bracket is an appropriate hodgepodge of whoever looks the coolest; Hangzhou Spark recently partnered with an anime character, and it is often stated that Overwatch League is an anime, so maybe there’s something there?

You’ll need to complete both North American and Asian brackets, culminating in the Finals with (as is currently scheduled) both regions playing in offline LAN in Asia; note that if this changes, there is currently not an exception within the presented brackets, meaning you cannot account for this within the competition.

It is likely that the ‘Grand Finals’ bracket would then be done away with entirely, and entrants would then be judged on their ability to predict the two brackets for NA and Asia.

Further, entry isn’t universal: United States (including DC), UK, France, and Germany, and the participants need to be at least 18 years of age; further, you’ll need to log in with your Blizzard account in order to participate, however, Blizzard accounts are free to create.

This presents itself as a fascinating opening; what is there to stop an individual from crafting multiple Blizzard accounts and utilizing VPN’s to effectively ‘cover the bases’ and ensure that they hold a wide spread of possibilities and probabilities?

With the recent MVP vote being botted to the nine’s before Blizzard cracked down on it (and stated that they were meticulously removing botted votes), it would be a fair statement that there are some community sentiments and concerns. Still, it’s $100,000 and the entry is free; what’s not to like about taking a chance with fate?