Wooting Two Analog Keyboard Promises Entirely New Immersive Experience For Hardcore Gamers

Wooting Two Analog Keyboard Promises Entirely New Immersive Experience For Hardcore Gamers
Credit: Wooting

Wooting Two is a worthy successor to the Wooting One, the first analog keyboard that’s really embraced by gamers.

Compared to its predecessor, the Wooting Two is a full-sized keyboard complete with all the buttons and switches. There are two versions to the second generation–there’s the Flaretech switches and Lekker half-effect switches.

While the Flaretech switches were well ahead of its time, Wooting didn’t think it was sufficient enough for their needs. For instance, the analog range maxed at 3.6mm switch travel, according to the company in a post.

Wooting said the Lekker switch technology is very special that they are only going to manufacture it once.

For gamers, the pressure-sensitive keys will enable them to be more engaged with the game they are playing. The controls are not unlike a gamepad or a joystick. Here’s an example, if you are playing The Witcher, you can press lightly so Geralt will crawl or walk. Press harder, and Geralt will jog or go on a full sprint.

They decided to develop their unique switches and decided to use a magnet to create an electromagnetic pulse. The magnets will then detect the key, which creates more responsive and accurate feedback. The full range of control the Wooting Two gives compared to Wooting One is unlike any other.

Just like Wooting One, Wooting Two is funded on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign raised a total of €136,041, which roughly converts to US$152,589. Wooting delivered far beyond what Wooting One users have demanded–a full-sized analog keyboard. The second iteration indeed has numpad keys, which were missing on the first one.

But its designers spent a lot of time improving on the technology behind the analog keys, which will benefit gamers.

According to Wooting, gamers who tried analog input keys would never look at keyboards the same way again. The Wooting Two generates accurate steering control on games such as PUBG, GTA 5, Dirt 4, or Rocket League.

The keyboard will also give gamers an edge in games were split-second reactions are necessary for victory. They can walk, trot, jog, or sprint even at tighter angles. In fact, Wooting claimed that the Lekker switches might even be more accurate than a controller. You can even create a combination of actions anchored on the press-depth of the switches.

The next pre-order for the Wooting Two mechanical analog keyboards is set in September. For now, you can’t pre-order on the corporate website.