Week 6, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 6, Monday Night League Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The sixth week of LCS was explosive.

Cloud 9 is crushing every single opponent, while other teams struggle to pick up wins.

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming

Camile / Sejuani / Cassiopeia / Miss Fortune / Nautilus vs Aatrox / Sejuani / Orianna / Ezreal / Braum

Good draft between both teams and game went quite close as well. Both teams managed to acquire three Dragons, but Immortals was better in securing the 4th for the Ocean Soul, which gave them a huge advantage for teamfights. While Miss Fortune was the beacon of hope for Immortals, Ezreal was the beacon of hope for Counter Logic Gaming.

An aggresive push by Immortals with Baron Nashor sealed CLG’s fate and Pobelter’s signature pick could not save them this time compared to their game against TSM.

Apollo has been subbed in instead of Altec for this weeks games and he brought dividends for the team, he was impactful and while the issues with Immortals lies far from the ADC position. They need to focus on macro and individual gameplay if they want to keep their winstreak going.

Cloud 9 vs Dignitas

Aatrox / Gragas / Cassiopeia / Miss Fortune / Braum vs Lucian / Elise / Anivia / Jinx / Tahm Kench

Cloud 9 remain undefeated after 6 weeks of LCS, the team is currently the best in LCS. While Licorice in Aatrox did not have that much impact this game since he was laning against Lucian, he was still a reliable split pusher for the team.

Froggen brought out his signature Anivia pick this game but was unable to use it to maximum efficiency. The champion just falls off and takes much harder to scale compared to other mid laners.

Cloud 9 looks to be much more dominant than the previous split winners of Team Liquid, who are looking very shaky right now, subbing in their Academy ADC instead of superstar Doublelift. While Cloud 9 usually end up by winning without losing too many objectives, they did lose 2 towers and 1 Dragon this game. While it might look like a concern for their fans, this is immaterial in the grand scheme of things. They won the game quite clean, by securing other objectives and did smart trades when they needed to in order to achieve advantage.

The top standings of LCS is quite secured with Cloud 9 first, FlyQuest second, but the rest are undecided, too many uncoordinated plays and games lost to bottom tier teams by them.

That is all for Monday Night League of Week 6 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.