Visual Novel Developer Shall We Date? Removes Several Games Due To Revised Apple Policies

Visual Novel Developer Shall We Date? Removes Several Games Due To Revised Apple Policies
Credit: Shall We Date via YouTube

Shall We Date? is a Japanese developer that specializes in otome stories. Their apps have long been part of the iOS and Android stores, with some releases coming to Facebook.

The developer recently announced significant changes for many of their games. The changes were due to the new policies set in place by Apple and Facebook.

On their official website, Shall We Date? announced that due to changes in Apple and Facebook’s policies, updating and maintaining many of their apps for iOS has become too challenging. The company has decided to stop service on iOS, but the Android and Canvas versions remain active.

Many of the developer’s standalone versions of their games are being removed from the iOS App Store.

These titles include Love Tangle+, Lost Alice+, Wizardess Heart+, Blood in Roses+, and Ninja Shadow+.

Shall We Date? is not offering refunds or exchanges for any items or coins purchased in these apps.

The games have been moved to the Dear Otome app, which is a single app with multiple stories to choose from. Players could transfer data into Dear Otome by opening the installed game app then clicking “Transfer Your Game Data.”

There are six total apps available in Dear Otome, which also includes Guard me, Sherlock! The apps are free to play. There are a few additional bonus features, such as voting for favorite characters, new stories and events, and more.

Players can still enjoy some of these stories via the Android Play Store.

Unfortunately, there are several games ending service on both iOS and Android at the end of the month. There are 19 apps ending service on March 17 that include Mononoke Kiss, Guilty Alice, and Arabian Dreams.

On March 24, additional games ending service include several plus versions of games, plus Destiny Ninja, The Niflheim, and Pirates -Treasured Love in the Ocean-. Some of the games, such as The Niflheim, were transferred to the Story Jar, which is similar to the Dear Otome service, which is a single app with multiple stories.

The full list of affected apps is listed on the Shall We Date? website.

New downloads for the games ceased on February 26. These apps can no longer be reinstalled or updated. The termination of service was on March 24.