Real Game Machine Announces Survival Horror Game Follia – Dear Father For PC

Real Game Machine Announces Survival Horror Game Follia – Dear Father For PC
Credit: Follia Dear Father Official Website

Publisher and Developer Real Game Machine has released a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror game Follia – Dear Father. The “Mother” trailer showcases some of the first-person gameplay along with one of the horrifying enemies.

Follia: Dear Father is a psychological horror title made even more frightening with the first-person view plus the need to explore every room.

The official game summary states, “Marcus Pitt, a young man whose only claim to fame is that both his parents work at a university, is drawn into the horrors that have emerged on the campus of the very same institution. His journey to find his parents, or at least find out what has happened to them, will take him into his worst nightmares – the seat of learning has been transformed into a place of death and horror. As he makes his way through the madness, Marcus will have to fight to make it out alive and with his sanity intact.”

The first “Full” trailer was released in early March. The four-minute-long trailer shows Marcus walking through the dark hallways and exploring different rooms. Many of the corridors are extremely dark, with the only light from vending machines or emergency exit signs. Expect to backtrack several times. Luckily, backtracking is encouraged, as this is how players can unlock additional parts of the map plus other unknown rewards.

Marcus starts off with a few items to help him survive within the dimly lit corridors. He can look for important clues within different rooms on the university campus. Even though Marcus can fight back, the focus of the game is stealth.

If Marcus does encounter an enemy, each one is unique and has different weaknesses. Marcus will have to know how to defeat each creature before approaching them.

The game features an atmospheric soundtrack and ambient sounds that will make the experience tenser. There are three different difficulty modes for beginners or more seasoned veterans of the survival horror genre.

Follia – Dear Father will also feature VR for an even more immersive experience. The VR version of the game is listed as DLC. It’s unknown how much the VR DLC will cost.

Follia – Dear Father is planned for release in Q1 2020 for PlayStation 4, PSVR, Xbox One, Steam, and Steam VR.