Valve Releases New Steam Update, Fixing Several Issues With The Steam Client

Valve Releases New Steam Update, Fixing Several Issues With The Steam Client
Credit: Steam via Twitter

Steam has become one of the dominant ways to play games in the modern gaming era. It’s pretty much a given that any PC gamer has a Steam account, and though plenty of companies have tried to launch their own exclusive platforms to bring players in, Steam remains the dominant platform for PC gamers.

Valve doesn’t just rest on their laurels, though. The developers are pushing out new updates and fixes for the platform on a regular basis. These may be related more towards UI tweaks and slight changes to make everything more user-friendly, or it could be technical fixes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Today, Valve released a sizeable update for the platform, and it seems like we’ve got plenty of fixes coming. There are changes coming to the input systems, overlay, library, and plenty more.

Valve made adjustments to Steam Chat to fix issues when under a heavy amount of stress, as well as fixing some Steam client crashes when playing games in offline mode. The latter isn’t a guaranteed fix, as they were only able to target a few possible causes, though it should be improved. In terms of a few other minor fixes, they improved the Steam Overlay and FPS counter performance as well as making text from News Popups to be copy-pastable for easy sharing.

Remote Play has had its performance and smoothness enhanced, which is a much-needed fix. Valve has also added in optional touch controls for Windows tablets.

In terms of input, however, Valve has made quite a few changes. The following changes are coming with this new update:

  • Added joystick visualization to the controller calibration screen
  • Screenshots can now be displayed in the mouse cursor position binding screen. Users can scroll through screenshots with their arrow keys
  • Support for PDP Afterglow Wireless Switch Controller, Thrustmaster ESwap Pro, and Giotek VX4 PS4 Controllers has been added
  • Fixed a bug causing automatic action set switching based on cursor visibility when more than one controller was connected
  • Fixed bugs causing incorrect mouse cursor positioning when running the Steam Input configurator outside of the Big Picture Mode overlay.

There are plenty of fixes coming with this new update, and this list is far from exhaustive, though it does contain arguably the most important fixes. It’s always wonderful to see companies continuing to improve their product instead of just making users deal with whatever issues may arise. As time goes on, Valve is sure to continue updating their platform.