Blizzard Developers Announce Intentions Of Removing One-Per-Realm Restrictions On World Of Warcraft’s Demon Hunters

Blizzard Developers Announce Intentions Of Removing One-Per-Realm Restrictions On World Of Warcraft’s Demon Hunters
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

The newest World of Warcraft expansion is approaching rapidly, with Shadowlands 2020 release date confirmed to be on track despite the impacts on productivity from the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like every day brings a wealth of new information on what we can expect from the expansion.

One of the new changes that we can apparently expect to see is the removal of restrictions over the Demon Hunter class. Currently, players are only able to have a single Demon Hunter per realm, while they can have as many of any other class as they want (until they hit the limit of characters created, of course).

Via the WarcraftDevs Twitter, the developers have confirmed that they plan to remove the one-Demon-Hunter-per-realm restriction, allowing players to create as many Demon Hunters as they may want. It seems that the primary reason for this change is because the class will now be starting at a lower level – namely level 10, along with Death Knights, the other “Hero Class” of World of Warcraft.

Currently, a new Demon Hunter will begin at 98. When the class was released, the maximum level was set at 110, which allowed Demon Hunters to finish their starting zone at 100 and then hop right into the Legion content that was modern at the time.

Lore-wise, this made perfect sense. The Illidari were being released from their prisons to help fight against the Legion, so it was perfectly sensible for them to already be a high level and ready to hop right into battle against their sworn enemies.

Mechanically, though, it made it so that players practically had a max level character right off the bat. This was a great way to start your gaming career on a new server, as you’d already have a high-level toon that you could rely on for endgame materials to donate to any other toons you might be leveling. Of course, it also made it so that being able to make multiple could be abused, as you were essentially jumping directly into the endgame and would be able to do a myriad of tasks easier.

However, now that they’re having their level reduced to be 10 with a maximum of 60 when Shadowlands launches, the ability to do such will be drastically reduced. Some players may not see any reasoning to have more than one character of the same class per realm, but there are plenty of reasons that some players may prefer it, from farming to simply enjoying a class. Either way, it’s nice to know that those that may want to have more than one Demon Hunter are going to be able to do so.