Crytek Releases A New Hunt: Showdown Patch To Fix A Wide Variety Of Issues

Crytek Releases A New Hunt: Showdown Patch To Fix A Wide Variety Of Issues
Credit: Hunt: Showdown via YouTube

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is a wonderfully macabre battle-royale survival game that pits hunters in the swamps of Louisiana to claim the bounty on a local terror while also dodging the constant firefights of the other hunters that have dropped into the swamp. Unfortunately, it’s also a game with a lot of bugs and glitches.

Crytek does their best to keep on it, though, and they’re releasing a sizeable list of fixes in their newest patch, update 1.3.1! They’re also acknowledging some known issues so that we know they aren’t flying under the radar.

Some of the smaller general updates being offered include the addition of the Louisiana Legacy DLC, which contains the Mountain Air and Antebellum Wit firearms. Additionally, the Death Screen now has improved text transition for a smoother transition overall. The detail button now has a toggle feature as well. In terms of audio, the team has made it so that Decoy Fuses will play a quiet explosion sound upon exploding.

The bug fixes, however, are much more extensive. Crytek provides the following list as their general bug fixes:

  • Some client crashes have been addressed
  • Fixed players being unable to get items from item boxes
  • Fixed edge case where the Packmule trait worked incorrectly
  • Fixed issues with weapons not being equipped after switching it, which also caused arms/hands/weapon to derender completely
  • Fixed issues where weapons on the ground couldn’t be looted properly
  • Fixed the missing explosive icon for the Bomb Lance item
  • Fixed a variety of minor animation and localization issues
  • Fixed issues where quickplay rounds disconnected too swiftly for round animations to be played before returning to the menu

In terms of Gunplay, Crytek has made a single fix, which addresses a bug where the crosshair on the LeMat shotgun would change with the hunter’s stance.

The UI fixes are rather extensive as well, with many of them being focused on the now-improved Death Screen of the UI.  The Death Screen will now display health bars and kill/death values properly, as well as issues with it not being shown if opened simultaneously with the options menu. Extracted players will also no longer “break” the death screen.

The full patch notes are linked above if you’d like to read through all of Crytek’s handiwork. They’ve also provided a rather long list of known issues that they intend to be addressing in the future, so if they haven’t addressed your major concern with update 1.3.1, there’s a good chance they’ve got it coming soon!