BetaDwarf Applies Balance Tweaks To Minion Masters Ahead Of May 1st Expansion Reveal

BetaDwarf Applies Balance Tweaks To Minion Masters Ahead Of May 1st Expansion Reveal
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

BetaDwarf is constantly pushing out new content and fixes for their strategy card battler, Minion Masters. Their latest patch notes released late last week have revealed a few of the balance tweaks that they’ll be applying soon.

But first – BetaDwarf has announced the reveal of the next Minion Masters expansion! The next expansion will be revealed just a few days from now on the 1st of May. Make sure to keep your eye on BetaDwarf’s social media so that you don’t miss the announcement!

In terms of fixes, there are only four that they’re willing to share just yet. Two of these are buffs, and two of these are nerfs – all four of which are pretty badly needed.

The first is Ting Teng Tung, a legendary minion from the latest Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion. BetaDwarf has slashed the minion’s damage from 100 to 90, and made it so that projectiles thrown by them no longer bounce off of dead minions. In their comments, BetaDwarf explains that the projectiles bouncing in such a way was already an unintended behavior, so this nerf is almost more of a bug fix than an update.

Our second nerf belongs to Snake Druid, who is ironically being nerfed by having their stats increased. BetaDwarf has simply increased the speed from 2 to 3, which they explain is to make it so that the minion won’t spend as long in friendly territory, allowing opponents to deal with them faster.

Third is a buff to the new card Zealots of the Burning Fist. The mana cost for these minions has been lowered from 7 to 6 to make it compliment a smaller curve. BetaDwarf explains that while they still believe in the stats and damage output of the minion card, the mana cost was simply too high to justify allowing play in most scenarios.

Finally, we have the spell Dragon Ball, which is having its activation cost reduced from 6+ to 5+. Dragon Ball summons a Dragon Whelp when used if the last card played was a 6+ mana cost minion, which has been reduced to a 5+ while the cost of Dragon Ball itself remains the same. BetaDwarf hopes that this tweak will make the card easier to fit into decks, as “the meta has developed to a state where it’s a good opportunity to ease up on the restrictive nature of the card’s condition.”

There’s plenty more coming down the pipeline as the new expansion approaches. Keep your eyes peeled to see the latest updates – BetaDwarf moves fast!