Unreliable Rumors Arise Around A Possible Remake Of The Simpsons: Hit And Run

Unreliable Rumors Arise Around A Possible Remake Of The Simpsons: Hit And Run
Credit: Brownman Via Youtube

Before we get too into anything else, please allow yourself a moment to remember that nothing is confirmed on these rumors, and that the sources leaking them aren’t exactly reliable ones. However, the story has made its rounds about the internet, so we here at HappyGamer thought it best to look into the rumor and see how much of it is hype.

The answer, unfortunately, is that it’s pretty much all hype.

Reaching an almost-instant classic status, The Simpsons: Hit and Run became a highly notable game shortly after its release. Bearing the brand of one of the most well-known and famous shows ever on television certainly didn’t hurt, but it helps that the game was incredibly fun as well.

Rumors arose late in 2019 of a possible remaster of the title coming to the newest generations of consoles. At the time, producer Vlad Ceraldi admitted that it was something that had been discussed in a non-professional manner, but seemed to indicate that it was far from something that was in motion.

However, it seems like these rumors may have taken a bit of a resurgence. In a now-deleted post on Reddit, a list of possible announcements over the summer was released, with the remaster of Hit and Run featured towards the bottom.

The tweet embedded above is a screenshot taken before the post was taken down. Thankfully, the poster uses the hashtag #grainofsalt, reminding those that come across the tweet that there’s no confirmation on any of these titles.

Most people would be focused, likely, on the AAA titles that are being mentioned in the leak. Hitman 3 would certainly be an interesting title to see, as would a new Tombraider installment. However, the mention towards the bottom of a new Hit and Run is what’s really set the rumor mill churning.

Combined with Cerladi’s words back towards the end of 2019, it seems like a mounting pile of evidence is forming at our feet. However, two unconfirmed and casual examples does not a mountain make, so expectations still need to be tempered.

Unfortunately, these two sources are the only real fuel to these rumors and considering that one of them is a now-deleted Reddit post, gamers would be wise not to give any sort of credence towards them.

However, we thankfully won’t have to wait long to know whether or not the leak is true, as it directly mentioned the games being announced over the summer. Given that June is only a few days away, we’re entering summer territory quickly, so the titles will either be confirmed or denied in the coming months.