Producer Says He Would Be Willing To Do A Simpsons: Hit & Run Remake, Although Not The Sequel Fans Want It Could Be The Remake They Need

Producer Says He Would Be Willing To Do A Simpsons: Hit & Run Remake, Although Not The Sequel Fans Want It Could Be The Remake They Need
Credit: Brownman Via Youtube

The Simpsons: Hit & Run has gone down in history as a cult classic. Fans of the show have loved this game and replayed it time and time again. Sadly, developer Radical Entertainment has been part of Activision’s studio consolidation efforts ruining the chance of a sequel in the minds of fans.

In an interview with LADbible, Vlad Ceraldi explains that he would support a “remake or remaster” as long as the powers that be allow it. Ceraldi is one of the key players in the industry that hope to see a triumphant return for their beloved game.

The trailer brings back waves of nostalgia from the early days of 2003 gaming. Ceraldi, in his interview, even mused that “As far as why it stood the test of time, I think it’s a game that kids could play, adults could play, anyone who was fans of the show could try and laugh and have fun with. When you make something, sometimes you know you’ve made something special. This was one of the ones that we knew we hit the mark. We didn’t know it was going to sell as well as it did – we had high hopes, but it definitely hit its expectations.”

To this day, adults and fans have replayed the title in hopes of that rush of nostalgia. It is a great representation of a game that is fun while not taking itself too seriously. Truely this title embraces The Simpsons spirit and takes wacky to a whole new level.

Recently The Simpsons were purchased by Disney, which raises some doubts about a sequel or remastering. Disney tends to be careful about licensed games while trying to maintain the original feel of their IPs.

None of this has been discussed with the IP holders, being Activision and Disney/FOX, but hopes remain high for Ceraldi. The original game sold over three million copies, so there is no doubt that there is money to be made. Considering how much Disney/Activision love making money, the chance is still there.

Fans are already taking to petitioning the companies, and so far, there have been 6,500 signatures. This is mixed with isolated posts asking for its return, and even some prominent influencers are calling back to the early days again.

The game can best be described as a GTA style Simpsons universe. You get the full benefits of freedom found in GTA games while still maintaining the colorful humor-filled world of The Simpsons if you are one of the many fans hoping for the return of this title, you can find the petition online at