Universal Studios Japan Shows Off New Photo Of Upcoming Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan Shows Off New Photo Of Upcoming Super Nintendo World
Credit: Universal Studios Japan Official Website

Super Nintendo World was first announced in 2016. The project has since been in progress on the grounds of Universal Studios Japan.

Super Nintendo World recreates Nintendo’s famous characters and the world within the game. It is the first time this attraction will open in the park. The attraction will use the latest technology to create an immersive experience for Nintendo fans.

The benefit of the new attraction is making guests feel as if they’re part of their favorite Nintendo game. Nintendo is working closely with Universal Studios to create an authentic experience.

New visual images have been released of the park on the official Universal Studios Japan’s Twitter account, including Princess Peach’s castle, Koopa Castle, and Yoshi-themed rides. Some areas are styled on a level from a Super Mario Bros. game.

In the area will be a Mario Kart attraction within the safety of the park. There will be a Mario Kart ride, but it’s unknown if visitors will be able to drive around the park like the tourist attraction “Mario Kart Japan” in Tokyo.

For those tired of waiting for a ride, there will be plenty of shops and restaurants for all fans to enjoy. These two areas will give visitors plenty to enjoy. Since Nintendo also recently opened a store in Shibuya Parco, it’s likely Super Nintendo World will also offer exclusive goods available to those who visit the park.

According to a professor at Kansai University, there will be a substantial economic benefit for creating the new attraction. There will also be an effect on employment, increasing jobs significantly.

Over 60 billion yen was invested in Super Nintendo World and comes after the release of Minion park, based on characters from the Despicable Me franchise.

There are currently plans to bring Nintendo-themed areas to the Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in the US. There is no estimate on when this attraction will be officially announced.

So far, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan appears to be a prime attraction for those who want to experience the world of Nintendo in-person.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to be complete by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. It will be the perfect place for gamers to visit after attending the Olympics event.