Ubisoft Announces Five Games Are Being Developed For Next Generation Consoles, Including Recently Delayed Games

Ubisoft Announces Five Games Are Being Developed For Next Generation Consoles, Including Recently Delayed Games
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Ubisoft has announced that five games are currently being developed for the next generation of gaming consoles.

Ubisoft’s co-founder and chief executive officer Yves Guillemot answered questions from reporters and investors after a Ubisoft earnings call on Wednesday.

He confirmed that five games are currently in the works for the new Xbox console (codename: Scarlett), and PlayStation console, PlayStation 5. He remarks that players will enjoy a lot of new perks by playing these games on the new consoles, including quicker downloads and enjoying better frames per second.

Three video games Guillemot mentioned are Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters, and Rainbow Six: Quarantine. These games’ development process was recently delayed. The co-founder and CEO also announced that two other games were in the process of development for the next generation consoles but did not release the names.

Microsoft and Sony have targeted the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles to be released sometime in the fall of 2020.

All the games mentioned will be cross-generational, so they will come out for the current consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well.

There hasn’t been an official release date yet for the video games but one would imagine that it would be near the date when the next-generation consoles comes out.

Here is the world premiere reveal trailer of Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion:

The third game in the Watch Dogs franchise, the hacker group DedSec takes on an authoritarian regime that is controlling the United Kingdom.

Gods & Monsters:

The story is about a hero on a mission to save the Greek gods by taking on monsters like Hydras’ and Cyclops’.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine:

Set several years into the future of the long-running Rainbow Six universe, operators will take on mutated aliens.

Ubisoft has had an exciting couple of weeks.

On Thursday, October 25, Ubisoft stock prices dropped as much as twenty percent after they announced to shareholders the delay of these three game titles, along with an updated revenue projection.

The revenue earned for the Ubisoft game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has been abysmal, forcing Ubisoft to lower the amount of earnings projected for this fiscal year.

However, Ubisoft is starting to bounce back as they have been diligent with announcing remedies for these problems.

First Ubisoft announced earlier this week that they have listened to fans’ problems with elements of Breakpoint and have sworn to fix them.

Furthermore, they have now informed investors that they are lining up these five games with the next generation of consoles, hopefully restoring shareholder faith in management.