Two Bit Hero Is A Retro Themed Metroidvania Adventure Availiable On Steam, Explore A Black And White Fast Paced Adventure

Two Bit Hero Is A Retro Themed Metroidvania Adventure Availiable On Steam, Explore A Black And White Fast Paced Adventure
Credit: EzekielRageTV via Youtube

This game takes modern game design back to the beginning with a simple pixel-based character navigating black and white maps. Each level is hand-crafted, presenting a unique environment that must be explored, memorized, and traversed. Explore a strange world with multiple endings in this Metroidvania experience.

Two Bit Hero is a unique indie game in both its style and story. Taking the classic tools of game designers in the 90s, the developer has crafted an entertaining view back in time. Explore the environment and become a true Two Bit Hero.

After the hero of your city is overpowered by a bunch of evil-doers, it is up to you to become a hero. Save the hostages and the cities hero by overpowering the evil-doers and defeating their power of glitch.

Citizens are trapped inside a skyscraper. It is up to you to take on the role of the hero and save them by gathering power-ups and carefully navigating the map. Defeat bad guys, save people, leave, and then come back. Be warned, the enemy has the power to glitch reality. If you are clever enough, you may be able to transport to a different reality and use this glitch to your advantage.

The developer promises a hand-crafted, unique experience. Nothing is left to chance or random generator, meaning that this game provides the same perfect story every time.

Two large maps await exploration. They are the same map, yet they are different. Each trapped in a separate reality.

Glitch between changing realities to progress through the games. As you locate items and power-ups throughout both maps players will gain abilities to help them through the game.

The developer went all-in on the retro look and theme. Aside from the graphics and animations, the game comes with a full chiptune soundtrack by Trevor Lentz. This gives the game the extra feel and focus that it needs to fit its targetted genre.

The games with varying difficulties making it perfect for both veterans and newcomers of the genre. This is the most “Metroid” styled Metroidvania game that has released recently, and it comes with three completely different endings.

Be sure to check out Steam for more information. This game is available for only $9.99 from Plug In Digital. Enjoy this unique title from the mind of Ezekiel Rage and become a true hero when no other would rise. Handcrafted levels mixed with fast controls means a game that can proudly call itself Metroidvania.