Rumble Hockey Is Sliding Its Way To Android Devices Offering A Free To Play Experience For Fans To Enjoy

Rumble Hockey Is Sliding Its Way To Android Devices Offering A Free To Play Experience For Fans To Enjoy
Credit: Rumble Hockey via Youtube

Mobile audiences received an interesting hockey-themed game titled Rumble Hockey. This title pits players against each other in several leagues based on skill. Beat other players, train your team and become the king of this hockey competition.

This title promises to be an interesting hockey experience for the phone. It is played with one goalie and a team of skaters who are trying to score a puck in the enemy goal. Learn new tactics and personalize your experience in this mobile title.

Rumble Hockey is a promising action experience that challenges players in real-time hockey battles against people from all around the world. Enjoy an intense PvP title that teaches players to maximize skill and strategy, and develop some clever combos, to outsmart opponents and achieve victory.

The developer have released RumbleTV to accompany the game. This gives players a chance to learn and watch new tactics and further expand their own strategy. Become an expert at Rumble Hockey through careful practice and observation.

As players battle it out in the rink, they will earn chests and unlock rewards. Special weekly events will continue to add more new content to the game making it a continuingly challenging experience for fans.

The chests reward players with new Rumblers that can be used in future leagues. As you upgrade and build your battle deck, you will find that collecting more Rumblers is an important step in rushing through the leagues and gaining traction.

There is a social aspect to the game as well. Players can work together to progress higher in the ranks with their clubs. Each club is founded for free and can hold a large number of players. They also give access to club chests in addition to standard chests that are awarded based on individual performances.

Players will also find an option for private matches allowing then to challenge their friends. Private competitions allow the perfecting of strategies alongside good fun for your community of friends.

Interested fans can find tons of media on Rumble Hockey before downloading the game. Be sure to check out the trailer and website for more information about this unique hockey game.

Rumble Hockey is available on Android devices. Publisher Frogmind is offering the game free to download for anyone who wants a chance at this unique sport. Gather your friends, form a club, and become the best Rumble Hockey coach on the ice.