Golf With Your Friends Graduates From Steam Early Access Later This Month

Golf With Your Friends Graduates From Steam Early Access Later This Month
Credit: Golf With Your Friends via Steam

Publisher Team17 and developer Blacklight Interactive have announced their title Golf With Your Friends will soon leave Early Access for an official launch on Steam. The game has been in Early Access since January 2016. Along with the announcement was a brand new teaser trailer and which platforms the game will be released on.

Golf With Your Friends is a competitive multiplayer party game. Players can enjoy nine fast-paced courses of mini-golf online in a time where many are still staying indoors. While in Early Access, there were additional updates for players. Now the game is preparing to leave Early Access with the final version.

Up to 12 players can enjoy Golf With Your Friends, which allows several players to play online together, a much larger number than many other multiplayer titles. Players can use various power-ups and traps to create obstacles for others, such as using honey, freezing golf balls, or turning them into squares.

Players can choose from the Game Modes, such as classic mini-golf, hoops, or hockey, which replaces the hole with a goal and a goalie.

There are nine courses to choose from. They all contain unique holes and mechanics to keep players thinking about what their next move should be. Players who want a custom experience can make new levels with the editor. After the level is complete, players can share their creations online and download other courses.

The golf ball itself can also be customized, from the color of the ball to various accessories. Some of the unlockable accessories include a pirate hat and an ice cream cone.

The developer hasn’t announced any major DLC coming in the future. The only DLC available now is the official soundtrack, which is $0.99, but players can purchase the game and soundtrack in a separate bundle.

In early April, the Volcanic Update was added with new features and content. It included the 18 hole course, Volcano, a tutorial, and controller support. Players can expect new content to be released, even after the game is launched, along with occasional patch fixes.

For those who already own the Early Access version of the game, on launch day, the title will update to the full version. The Early Access version of the game has a “Very Positive” response out of over 19,000 reviews.

Golf With Your Friends will leave Early Access and officially launch on May 19. The game will be available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.