Turrican Flashback Is Planning A Digital And Physical Release For PS4 And Nintendo Switch

Turrican Flashback Is Planning A Digital And Physical Release For PS4 And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Factor 5

From indie developer Factor 5 and publisher ININ Games comes Turrican Flashback. This is a heroic series that will be returning to retails for the very first time in 30 years. This brand new collection is made by the original development team who are excited to reintroduce the gaming community to their unique hero.

This title’s launch is designed to make Turrican Flashback more available to a wide audience of players. The game will have limited and collector editions released from Strictly Limited Games, but otherwise, the developers are seeking player count over product count. This is a classic title in a unique and thrilling galaxy.

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Enter into an intergalactic action-adventure that was popular during the 1990s. This title was once considered one of the best action video games of all time as it brings back the classic experience that fans love.

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Enjoy a unique mix of adventure and exploration. This title is full of non-stop action that has become a standing point of the title since its original release back in 1991.

This title has had a loyal fanbase that is more than excited to see the return of their classic adventure action hero back to mainstream consoles.

This title will bring back its amazing musical score designed by Chris Huelsbeck. This epic musical composition has been echoing in venues, symphony halls, and play-rooms for three decades as ti rings in triumphant memory of this unique title.

In Turrican Flashback, players will gain access to a total of four amazing titles. Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Mega Turrican, and Super Turrican all available in a combo package. This game has been recreated by the original team at Factor 5 along with the specialist in the preservation and porting of classic titles, Ratalaika Games.

The game has new filters and dynamic elements that will allow players a chance to customize their experience. The entire game has been reworked to be a classic showcase with some modern options. Enjoy minimal HUD elements, perfect audio, and even more in this amazing rerun of a classic action-adventure.

This is a classic game and as such, fans should expect a classic difficulty.

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Turrican Flashback will be sold for $29.99 on both Nintendo Switch and PS4. It is time to grab your weapon, save the galaxy, and rise up against the machine of evil. Return to the oil and blood-soaked battlefields of Turrican as you kill on planets never seen by man before.