Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Driving Simulator Announced For PC

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths Driving Simulator Announced For PC
Credit: Truck Driver Dangerous Paths via Steam

Publisher PlayWay S.A. and developer Atomic Jelly have a new vehicle simulation in development called Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths. The game was announced last year, but the game continues development before its launch on Steam.

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths is a driving simulator where players are tasked with delivering goods across the South American wilderness. Drivers aren’t traveling through the cities but on dangerous pathways, similar to what the game’s title suggests.

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At first, the roads will be easy for new drivers. Clients will gradually begin requesting deliveries that are more challenging to make. The roads contain various hazards that players have to take care not to fall into. If players get involved in an accident or are forced into an unnecessary pit stop, clients who expect a timely delivery will get angry.

All of the hard work eventually pays off. By being a hard-working and dependable drive driver who makes on-time deliveries, more clients will seek the driver’s services. Players can use their new funds to improve their trucks and upgrade it to handle the South American roads better.

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Drivers will have to learn how to navigate the South American roads safely. There is more than one way to reach the destination safely, but sometimes events out of the player’s control will happen.

If drivers have no other choice, they can exit their truck’s cabin to make temporary repairs, refuel, or any other quick maintenance required to get back on the road. Players who need additional help can use their CB radio to call in for help. Colleagues will remember if the driver warns them of serious situations like rock slides blocking a certain path. The clock is always ticking, and clients will only pay well if drivers deliver the goods in a timely manner.

Having a good reputation has other rewards besides monetarily. Players who work well with the locals and gain extra truck upgrades, special orders, and even better fuel prices. Fuel is vital on the road so that any discounts players receive will be appreciated in the long run.

Players can also head to local areas like trading points and petrol stations to get more orders. Unlike other games, players have to connect with people to get hired to transport cargo. Some spots will have clients willing to pay a bit more to transport items, including live animals.

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Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths currently has no release window, but it is coming in Q2 2021. The game will launch on PC via Steam.