Traffic Jams Is A Virtual Reality Game About Directing Traffic

Traffic Jams Is A Virtual Reality Game About Directing Traffic
Credit: IGN via YouTube

You’ve probably passed a busy street where a person was directing traffic. Looking closely, you see their poised nature and ability to keep everything organized. If the traffic director didn’t have these skills, then that would spell trouble for motorists passing by.

Traffic Jams takes this concept and lets players experience it in virtual reality. The traffic lights, the passengers on foot, and the hustle and bustle of moving metal all will be at your command as you try to keep a level head throughout it all.

The game just received its official trailer at this year’s gamescom 2020 event. What seems like a pretty straightforward and even mundane job looks like a chaotic and fun time in this trailer.

We see a user take on the role a traffic controller trying to keep everything together around a busy Paris street that doesn’t have traffic lights. As if managing different directions of traffic wasn’t difficult enough, the developer Little Chicken Game Company is upping the difficulty and anarchy with all sorts of elements.

Monsters, angry motorists, and even natural disasters will be thrown your way around whimsical environments that are very immersive thanks to the VR technology being utilized. It’s a pretty unique concept that we haven’t quite seen yet in a VR title.

Players will be advised by Dennis, one of the world’s best traffic controllers — or so he thinks. He’ll guide you throughout this position, showing you the ropes and doing a little bit of dancing along the way.

Traffic will react to your hand motions. Give the wrong signal and that will result in utter chaos, which you’ll have to sort through one way or another. You’ll start your career on less busy streets, but then as you gain skills, you can take your knowledge to chaotic interactions around some iconic locations. These include Paris and New York.

The game looks like a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The developer knew they wanted to go down the comedic direction, but still keep players engaged with hand signaling mechanics. Being organized and learning certain gestures will play a huge role in your controller’s success.

Traffic Jams even includes a party mode, which lets other players join in on the fun using their mobile devices. It’s a great idea in theory as not everyone can play VR games together.

The game is currently scheduled to release this October. It already looks like one of the more promising VR titles coming out this year.