Just Die Already Has A New Trailer Featuring Old People Causing Mayhem

Just Die Already Has A New Trailer Featuring Old People Causing Mayhem
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Gamescom has been a pretty successful event thus far and there still are a couple of more days to go. A lot of games have been revealed, from fantasy battle royales to unique virtual reality titles.

One of the more bizarre out of the bunch so far has to be Just Die Already, a sandbox game about the elderly going around getting into trouble. Not surprisingly, it’s from the same people that made Goat SimulatorDoubleMoose. They seem to have another odd hit on their hands and this time, it’s the elderly that players to get control.

The gamescom trailer shows a whimsical world teeming with old people that have just been kicked out of their retirement home. They’re just trying to survive out on the streets and in order to do so, they’ll have to partake in some pretty surreal activities.

As a member of the elderly, you’ll do things to earn retirement tickets. They can help you qualify for free retirement care. Normally, your children would cover these expenses but in this near future, they’re too focused on playing video games and have no funds.

There are some joys to being old though. Your bones are like glass and watching them shatter makes for some fun and hilarious moments. You can throw yourself down a flight of stairs, go around punching innocent bystanders, or just see how fast you can beat up your body. There are no limits in this open sandbox filled to the brim in mayhem.

There are endless amounts of objects you can interact with as well, including fireworks, guns, trampolines, and axes. If you can dream it, you can do it as an old person. You can go at this mayhem alone or with four others online, thanks to a multiplayer mode.

Throughout your adventures, you can complete challenges for a more controlled experience. Or you can just go around doing whatever you please. The developer has given you so much to play around with, much like what they did in Goat Simulator.

The developer is known for their jaw-dropping humor and hilarious physics. They have shown up in spades in Just Die Already, which is great considering how amazing of an experience Goat Simulator was. It looks like more of the same, only with even more possibilities.

You can check out the new trailer above to get a taste of the action you’ll be able to experience as a senior citizen just trying to find a way in this cold world.