Tour de France 2020 Has A New Time-Trial Mode Along With Some Other Interesting Updates

Tour de France 2020 Has A New Time-Trial Mode Along With Some Other Interesting Updates
Credit: Nacon via Youtube

A new mode is coming to the Steam title Tour de France 2020. The new Time-Trial mode will allow players a chance to take on challenging time-based races in this bicycle game. This is a complete redesign of the real Tour de France’s time-trial section due to the main event being delayed until the end of summer.

Players will have to manage their stamina for a chance at making it to the end. Players will be able to even take the real time-trial biking position. Sacrifice control for speed and reduced air resistance, allowing you to maintain your stamina while trying the time trial. Be careful, if you do not adjust correctly you could end up exhausted way too early in the race.

Compete against all 21 stages of the Tour de France in the official video game. Wear the yellow jersey and take all the risks as you attack, sprint, and perfect your racing tactics.

Challenge friends in a special Downhill or Sprint Challenge mode, allowing you to show off your skill at bicycle racing.

The developers have worked hard to provide a realistic racing experience as you go through all the trials of the real Tour de Franch. Experience beautiful environments with detailed surroundings and routes as you take on a virtual version of the real race.

Online matchmaking puts real players against you as you sprint and attack to the head of the pack. Waste too much energy, and you will exhaust yourself before making even half the journey. This is a legendary race, and the environments will astound anyone who challenges the track.

Multiple improvements have been added to Tour de France 2020. A redesigned interface gives players better anticipation of the course and the position of their competitors. There is a more realistic AI built-in that will take any attacking opportunities.

A first-person camera is available, and all teams now have an official Jersey. The most interesting improvement is is a new race added called “The Old Lady” that brings a 266km race with steep climbs and more.

This game is a beautiful recreation of the real race. More information is available on the main website, and a beautiful trailer has been released to give players a taste of the upcoming release.

Cyanide Studio plans to release Tour de France 2020 on consoles as of June 4, 2020. PC will be getting their version through Steam later in the year with additional content.