Titanfall Deluxe Edition Can Now Be Found On Steam

Titanfall Deluxe Edition Can Now Be Found On Steam
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As far as the mech-genre of gaming goes, Titanfallhas been pivotal for it continuing to thrive in the modern era. Before it was games like MechAssault and MechWarrior, which at the time, provided a lot of novel excitement as far as giant robots go.

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Titanfall came out of the gate hot, featuring large robots that provided a highly satisfying combat and traversal experience. Even still to this day, Titanfall is looked upon fondly for its ability to elevate the mech genre. And now after all of this time, Titanfall Deluxe Edition is available on Steam.

This special edition includes the base game and all DLC that previously released, which is a lot of content that new players can experience for the first time. The game is also on sale by 60% for a limited time, so if you’ve missed out on the mech action, now is your chance to shine and save.

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The original Titanfall gets a lot of things right as far as the shooter space goes. Unlike Titanfall 2, the main attraction is the online multiplayer. It features six vs six action better than most shooters — even of today’s generation.

The whole concept of moving around and fighting in a mech is beautifully captured in Titanfall. You truly feel like an unstoppable force once your mech drops down on the battlefields out of nowhere. If you can counter enemy attacks and deliver the right amount of punishment, the world really is your oyster in this game.

You also aren’t just reserved to playing in a Titan if you so choose. You can move your pilot around, performing a lot of incredible maneuvers like wall-jumping and cloaking. These special abilities are certainly needed should you find yourself stranded out in the middle of nowhere with opposing Titans breathing down your neck.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of shooters, the whole experience of playing in a large mech suit begs to be experienced at least a couple of times. You’ll enjoy the sheer size and power that these Titans have to offer.

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Titanfall unfortunately wasn’t available on Steam when it was first released, but alas, it’s now available in all of its glory. The fact that it’s the Deluxe Edition that is currently on sale is just cherry on top of the icing. Even for returning players, checking out its addicting multiplayer action might be worth something of value.