The Voice Actors For The Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries Look For A Sandvich Suitable For The Heavy In A Hilarious Video

The Voice Actors For The Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries Look For A Sandvich Suitable For The Heavy In A Hilarious Video
Credit: IGN

The Team Fortress 2 mercenaries’ voice actors routinely interact with fans, and they recently shared a video in which they look for a sandwich while in character. In addition, several Team Fortress 2 voice actors recently gathered at PAX West as guests of the event, which was when the film was shot.

The distinctive characters who make up the team are one of the factors that have contributed to Team Fortress 2’s longevity and continued appeal. These outrageous characters were highlighted in Valve’s own Team Fortress 2 Meet the Class movies, and the voice actors aren’t ignoring the parts that make the game so fantastic.

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The voice actors for the Heavy, Sniper, Medic, and Administrator may be seen in a deli looking for sandwiches in a video shared by Team Fortress 2 character The Medic’s voice actor Robin Atkin Downes. Fans of the game know that one of Heavy’s favorite foods is sandwiches and that he may use a “Sandvich” to heal himself and give some to his team members. Because of this, the team’s outrage over the absence of sandwiches in the store where they are makes for some hilarious comedy.

The footage is thankfully available for those who weren’t present, but it was a fun time for any fans in the room with the voice actors. To their credit, Team Fortress 2 voice actors occasionally participate in videos, streams, and fan interviews. In addition, they frequently change into iconic character voices to the audience’s delight. Particularly Robin Atkin Downes has pleased players by pushing the SaveTF2 movement that was popular earlier this year, in addition to providing the voice of the Medic in a few select TF2 comics.

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Despite the lack of information on the game’s future, it is safe to assume that the Team Fortress 2 voice actors who contributed to its creation still adore their roles.